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What people are saying about Especially For Ewe products.

***Paula made a beautiful replica blanket for my grand daughters 2nd birthday. Grand daughter has a special pink and white blanket that is very near and dear to her and I wanted her to have a duplicate in case anything ever happened to her most precious blankie. My grend daughter is very particular about blankies and refuses to accept anything other than her real blankie, so we were weary that she would take to the new one. With much anticipation, she opened my gift to her and immediately her face lit up! She yanked it out the bag and started loving on it! I am so pleased with the beautiful heirloom that Paula custom made and I highly recommend her work to anyone looking for that SPECIAL gift. Thanks again!



***** Especially For Ewe products are superbly crafted!  The hand-smocked

children’s clothing is heirloom quality at an affordable price.  Likewise,

Paula’s crochet work is amazing too!  Buy it - -you won’t regret it, I promise.  😊


*****In the fall of 2020, I ordered 2 smocked dresses for my granddaughters.  I was thrilled. When I received the exquisitely smocked dresses, and the seamstress, Paula, worked with me on my requested lengths and fabrics.
I have only rarely seen smocking and embroidery of this high a caliber, and everything was appropriately sized and beautifully smocked.  The quality of the chosen fabric was also excellent as well as easily washable.
My granddaughters were totally delighted to wear these dresses and chose to wear them multiple times in the winter season.
I highly recommend Paula's workmanship and happily patronize her "Especially for Ewe" shop!
Deborah H