Frequently Asked Questions

Once I place my order, how long can I expect shipping & handling to take?

 So, once the funds have been verified by the site you used to pay, I send your order to you usually by USPS within three business days of the funds being received.  As soon as your order has shipped, I will email you with the tracking information so that you can follow the package as it comes to you.  I watch the tracking as well so that I know you have gotten what you ordered.  Opening the package and looking at your order is the fun and excitement that is all yours.  As I pack each item in a plastic bag for its safety coming to you, I add a couple of things to remind you where you ordered from including a business card and a thank you card and an invoice.  My hope is that you see the love and care that has gone into that item that you now hold in your hand.

Do you ship internationally?

I do not ship internationally at this point in time.  As international interest grows, I will add this element.  I look forward to seeing where these pieces are going!!!

Do you do all the work?

Yes, all the work is mine and that includes the crochet items both regular yarn and fine thread crochet.  I do the knitting as well.  This is something my mother and grandmother taught me.  The cutting of fabric and the smocking as well as the assembling of the dresses or little boys’ outfits is all done by hand and two sewing machines.  I have two Singer sewing machines.  The first is a regular sewing machine and a real work horse for stitches and buttonholes.  The other machine is a Serger.  The Serger makes the over lock stitches to add stability to the side seams.  I take great pride in creating Timeless English Smocked Children’s Outfits for the special someone in your life.

What if I don’t see the size or color that I am looking for?

These are my favorite orders.  I enjoy making a dress or boys outfit or whatever that is specific to what you want for your little one.  There are many ways to contact me that are listed at but to make it more convenient for you my email address is and the exclusive website phone number is 434-515-0651.  Let me make that special piece just for you and your little one.  By the way there are two new dresses for bigger girls in production.  One is for fall or Halloween or thanksgiving.  The other is for Christmas.  Look for those coming out soon. 


What kind of fabric is used?

In most cases, the fabrics that I use are cotton.  The main reason is that cotton goes through my pleater much easier than any of the knit fabrics.  Cotton sews well and is durable and as my mother used to say, falls nicely.   The dresses and outfits are still easy care.  Wash in cold water and take from the washer to hang to dry.  If you do want to dry them, just use a low heat setting and hang up right away. 


How are the angel ornaments made?

These are some of my favorite things to crochet, especially the angels.  The angels are crochet with a steel hook ( my great grandmother’s) and #10 crochet thread.  This size would be the kind used for fine projects.  Thankfully, it comes in a lot of colors making the work even more interesting.  After the angels are finished with the crochet process, they are starched with straight liquid starch, shaped as needed and let to dry.  The liquid starch makes the angels stiff making them the perfect addition to your Christmas tree. 

               The large angels are a little different.  They are still crochet by hand with the #10 thread but when they are finished, they go into old fashioned sugar starch to make them stiff enough to sit on the top of the tree or your mantle.