What Goes Into An On Line Business?

What Goes Into An On Line Business?

Have you ever wondered what is involved in an on-line craft show business?  I am not sure that I have all the answers but here is some of my insight.  A business, any business deals with a product of some kind but the product is not the only thing that a manager/owner needs to track.  A business product line would include the product as well as supplies and whatever is needed to finish the product. 

Then there is the business side which involves tracking expenses coming in and going out as well as looking for new customers with social media and/or email.  Most businesses would have plans and goals at the beginning of the calendar year.  For Especially For Ewe there are three things that I am aiming at.  The first is how many craft shows do I want to attend, where are they, what are the costs, what is the extra cost like overnight stays, etc.  The second question to answer would be production.  There always seem to be new patterns or ideas that I have gathered from the last year that I am just itching to try.  My third big goal for this year was some sort of inventory system with numbers, in this case, SKUs, so that I do not have to fight with inventory after every show.  This year I will be using Zettle through PayPal including a card reader and dock.  This is a big upgrade from what I used even last year. 


What is new in the product line at Especially For Ewe?

A dog with blankie

A cat with blankie

Rabbits that are waiting for their clothes to be finished including dresses, aprons and pantaloons for the girls, overalls and shirts for the boys

Small bears waiting for faces and bowties.

Tiered dresses for little girls in pinks and purples,

There is a lot going on in the sewing room right now.

Angels are being added to the Etsy site


Stop by the  studio at 3618 Goodview Avenue in Cave Springs, VA.    The studio is stocked with  dresses, boys, rompers and stuffed bears, rabbits, a dog, and a cat. These would be perfect for Easter baskets.   Stop by and see what is ready for you to take home.  Studio hours are 10am – 3pm Tuesday through Saturday.  If those times don’t work for you, give me a call and you can come on your schedule.  The phone number is 434-515-0651.  I will be taking special Easter orders until March 30, 2022.  Especially For Ewe wants to help you get ready for the Easter bunny at your house.

The craft show season is beginning to take shape.  Follow Especially for Ewe on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/Especiallyforewetoo so you can stay informed about where Especially For Ewe will be next.  This is the most current list.  Look for more coming soon as applications come in.   

Upcoming Craft ShowsBedford Fiber Festival   April 30, 2022,  Times – 9:30 – 4pm Bedford Farmers Market 

Applications Submitted for

Sunflower Festival – September-Beaver Farms Buchanan

Virginia Shows Under Consideration

St. Andrew Lutheran Church,  Centreville - October

Appomattox Railroad Festival, Appomattox – October

Apple Harvest Festival, Amherst – October

St. Theresa's Annual Christmas Bazaar, Farmville – November

GFWC Bedford Woman’s Club, Bedford- November

Salem Holiday Market, Salem- December

  Look For Especially For Ewe



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