Tuesday 1/24/2022 Is Opening Day

Tuesday 1/24/2022 Is Opening Day

Opening Day For The Studio is Tuesday, the 24th.  I am so excited to share with you what is going on at Especially For Ewe.

Here are the basic facts:
Address -  3618 Goodview Avenue, Cave Springs, VA, 24018.
Hours -  10 am - 3 pm Tuesday Through Friday 
                           10 am -  3 pm on Saturdays without Craft Fairs
Masks and Covid Concerns -  I will  be wearing a mask when you arrive.  Masks are recommended but not required.
Parking -  There is parking in front of the house
Sign the Guest Book with your name, email address, and or phone number
                    Answer the Question For The Raffle
                    Raffle Prize Is A Certificate For Your Next Visit
                    You Do Not Have To Be Present To Win
 Pickup and delivery will be available after the 24th of January. 

Look For Especially For Ewe



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