My First NASCAR Race!

My First NASCAR Race!

My husband and I went to a NASCAR race in South Carolina this past weekend.  We were at Darlington Raceway for the Official NASCAR Throw Back Weekend. 

Michael and I had a great time as you can see by the pictures.  He loved seeing all the old cars since he has been a NASCAR fan for years.  I am the newby.  This was my first in person race.  We had seats in the grandstand not far from the start/finish line.  We spent a while shopping at the vendor stations, there was a whole line of those, then we went up the elevator to our seats.  It was cold and the wind cut right through us, but we still had fun.  It took me a while to get warm after we left.  I am very glad that the van heats well. 

    I went crazy taking pictures and I guess that was to be expected.  Michael was not surprised.  He thought I was humoring him by going to the race, but I really did have a good time.  My favorite parts were the speed up after a yellow flag to regular speed, you can feel that under your feet, watching the pit crews do their work.  Tire changes and gas at lightning speed. The winning driver doing doughnuts and burning out his tires when he won.  And spending time with Michael away from our day to day lives.  The animals at home were glad to see us when we got back. 

It seems that crocheting in the car was interesting to Michael since he never knew anyone that did hand work in the car.  I managed to get some crochet hats worked on and brought smocking with me for the race, but it was so cold, the smocking never left the bag. 

Production is in process for the Sunflower Festival in September with a lot of sunflower related smocking products but other things for fall like owl hats, pumpkin hats, Christmas angels both large and small and of course more sunflower mug rugs.  The profit from the mug rugs sold at the Sunflower Festival will go to Ukrainian humanitarian relief.  There are a lot of things to finish before September, but I am looking forward to this show and meeting new vendors as well as customers.  Look for a lot of new products like the portrait collar dresses, a new little boy’s outfit with a box pleat in the shirt paired with white short pants, jumpers, dresses with a sunflower theme and other surprises. 

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