March Winds

March Winds

Our plans to finish getting the patio ready this past weekend hit a snag, the weather was cold and rainy with the unwelcome addition of wind.  We are still thankful that the tornados and other severe weather situations were not over our heads.  We tried to set up the mat for our inflatable hot tub and had to retrieve it before the wind blew it all away.  This weekend will be another attempt to get the patio ready for use.  We are hoping that we can get everything ready and together to baptize the new grill with goodies.  Michael will have a steak.  I have Portobello mushrooms that I am going to stuff, we have corn on the cob and probably twice baked potatoes.  Yum!!!

The Bedford Fiber Festival on April 30 is getting closer, and the sewing room has been seeing a lot of use.  Along with finishing specific projects for the Fiber Festival, I have had time to work with the embroidery machine and learn a few things about it.  Trying to integrate the embroidery into what I am already create seems easier than I thought it would be.  I am working on  mug rugs with sunflowers, the national flower of Ukraine supporting those that have been displaced.  The mug rugs will be coming to the Fiber Festival on April 30.  The profit from these mug rugs will go to humanitarian ministries in Ukraine. 

Look for Especially For Ewe at the Apple Harvest Festival in Amherst scheduled for October 15-16 at Amherst High Schol.  This show features a lot of vendors both inside the building and outside.  The show uses the large gym, the small gym, and the cafeteria with vendors outside including the ever-popular food vendors.  I must admit that I look forward to the variety of vendors and what they have to offer. 

 Newly finished products are being labeled and tagged for shows.  There are the little bears that now have faces and bowties and are ready to go home with someone.  These bears have no plastic parts.  They are crochet with acrylic yarn, stuffed with fiberfill and the features are stitched on my hand and finally the bow is added.    

The three-tiered dresses for little girls have either short sleeve or sleeveless are perfect for the little girl twirlers.  The purple dresses are in size 12 months and size 3.    There are two more in  process in pink.  These will be in size 24 months and size 4.  Follow Especially For Ewe on social media to see when these are finished and are listed on the website.

The stuffed boy rabbits are complete and waiting for tagging.  The little girl dresses are finished, and aprons are being constructed to add to the little girl’s ensemble.  These rabbits’ bodies are muslin fabric stuffed with fiberfill.  The faces are stitched by hand and then the clothes are added with ribbons added for the girls.  Look for the rabbits coming to the Especially For Ewe website very soon!!!

Did you see the coupon for the studio on Facebook or Instagram.  The coupon is for 20% off your first visit to the studio at 3618 Goodview Avenue in Cave Springs, VA.    The studio is stocked with  dresses, boys, rompers and stuffed bears, rabbits, a dog, and a cat. These would be perfect for Easter baskets.   Studio hours are 10am – 3pm Tuesday through Saturday.  If those times don’t work for you, give me a call and you can come on your schedule.  The phone number is 434-515-0651.  Especially For Ewe wants to help you get ready for the Easter bunny at your house.

Other Craft Show Applications submitted

Sunflower Festival – September-Beaver Farms Buchanan Virginia 

Shows Under Consideration

St. Andrew Lutheran Church,  Centreville - October

Appomattox Railroad Festival, Appomattox – October

St. Theresa's Annual Christmas Bazaar, Farmville – November

GFWC Bedford Woman’s Club, Bedford- November 19th 9am-4pm Liberty Middle School, Bedford, VA 

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