Let Me Introduce My Assistants

Let Me Introduce My Assistants

Let me introduce you to two of my assistance not only in the studio with the Cricut machine, computers, and printer but also in the sewing room with all three machines, electric scissors and the pleater.  This is Bogey.

Bogey is a rescue from the Roanoke Humane Society.  He has been living with us since March of this year and is very spoiled.  He gets the last bite of most everything and sleeps in the bed like a person.  Bogey was found on the street with no idea how long he had been on his own.  We were told he is 8 years old but we both think he is older than that. 

This helpers name is Leopard and he has been “ours” since he and Michael were first introduced when Michael and I were dating.  It all started with Catnip treats and has grown from there.  Leopard sits with me while I am working and with Michael when it is time for dinner.  Having lived with a vegetarian all of his life, he likes the idea of meat.  Leopard and I have been together since he was born.  Now he has a brother, but he knows that he is top cat. 

There is more time being spent in the studio and the sewing room and my companions make sure that I am not alone.  There are three dresses that are on the last stages of stitching and three more that are waiting upstairs to be pleated.  During the evenings I am working on the crochet order, Christmas ornaments or smocking.  Today I did manage to get two large shelf sitting angels sugar starched so they can dry and be finished.  Here is the beginning process for these angels. 

The celebration for the Fourth of July will including barbequing and time in the hot tub.  Bogey is afraid of thunder, but we are planning to take him with us to a fireworks display on the 4th  dressed in one of his thunder shirts.  When we are with him, he is much better.  It makes me wonder what he went through when he was alone on the street. 

Here is another installment of the six pictures that I need for Especially For Ewe.  This time it is pictures of me but I added pictures of my assistance as well.  I am not fond of having pictures taken but these selfies seem to have turned out okay.  What do you think?

Fall Craft Show season is coming quickly.  What shows will Especially For Ewe be attending so you can Save The Date?

Beaver Dam Sunflower Festival in Buchanan Virginia with a tentative date of September 9-10
NoSo Fiber Festival is October 8 in Roanoke
Amherst Apple Harvest Festival in Amherst, Virginia on October 15 and 16.
St. Theresa’s Annual Christmas Bazaar in Farmville is scheduled for November 4 and 5
GFWC Bedford Woman’s Club, Bedford- November 19th 9am-4pm  

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