It Is January

It Is January

Happy January.  It is hard to believe that it is January of 2022.  There are many reasons to be relieved that the old year is gone and many reasons to be thankful for the events of this past year.  One of the reasons to be thankful for this past year is Michael finding a position where he is able to use the skills from his degrees.  This position was not what either one of us was expecting but as the days and weeks pass, we both see that this is where he needs to be at this present time and that he is helping those that he is serving.


Especially For Ewe has 3 goals for this coming year.

  1. Opening An Especially For Ewe Studio
  2. Introducing new clothing lines including some really cute tiered skirts as well as boys and girls outfits with embroidery now that I have an embroidery machine that I am excited to play with.
  3. Adding additional craft shows for 2022.

 It is nice to have goals written down and in front of me as I approach this new year.  I will try to keep you shoppers and friends of Especially For Ewe updated with places and times. 



As for the studio.  The tentative opening date is January 24.  I plan to be open Tuesday through Saturday from 10am to 3 pm with additional hours and special appointments as needed.   This has been a dream of mine for a number of years and I am excited to be able to make that dream a reality.  Shoppers will be able to come into the studio, see what is available and purchase right on the spot.  Look opening specials that are planned as well as drawings and special prices. 

The Especially For Ewe website is undergoing a make over and will be published as soon as it is ready. The look and feel of the website will be different and much more user friendly.  The website and studio will be where the new products are introduced. 


Easter is coming April 17,2022.  Special orders for dresses and rompers are available right now.  I will be taking special orders until March 31,2022. 

  Until Next Week!!!!

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