Fathers Day Weekend

Fathers Day Weekend

Happy Father’s Day weekend to all the dads, granddads and great grand dads including fur baby dads.  What are your plans for the weekend?  Our plans look like this.  The weather in Virginia is supposed to be a little cooler and the plan for Sunday is to spend some time in the hot tub and then grilling hamburgers for dinner.  Just a time to relax and rewind.  It sounds like there will be another weekend celebration next weekend when Michael’s daughter visits from North Carolina.  Two weekend celebrations in a row, who could ask for more. 

Since I am still working on the set of six pictures that I need for Especially For Ewe.  This picture is supposed to feature a picture of my tools.  Well, that is not a simple process.  There are three sewing machines including a regular machine, a serger and an embroidery machine.  Then we have a pleater to pleat fabric before smocking, don’t forget the electric scissors.  If you have electric scissors, I know you share my please at something that is such a time saver.  As I was thinking about tools, it occurred to me that there are some things I have not included in this picture, the various crochet hooks including the metal ones for crochet thread and a lot of knitting needles in various sizes.  It seems that thinking about the tools that I use is not as simple as it sounds.  Then we go down to the Studio  where there are two computers, a printer and a Cricut all of which are used for various purposes.  Tools, tools and more tools. 

New fabric will probably be coming into the studio on a regular basis.  The Beaver Dam Farm Sunflower Festival is in September and there is a lot to accomplish before then.  The fabric that arrived this last week is a pink print that will be transformed into a portrait collar dress.  I am anxious to see this pattern completed with the special touches that I have planned for the collar.  There are still sunflowers mug rugs being completed and a few new patterns for the embroidery machine are coming soon with the next stage of things that I will be working on. 

Here are some pictures of two dresses and a romper that were just finished and getting ready for tags and to be added to the website and to travel to shows.  What do you think?

What shows will Especially For Ewe be attending?  Save The Date!

Beaver Dam Sunflower Festival in Buchanan Virginia with a tentative date of September 9-10.  Festival date will be announced in July!

NoSo Fiber Festival is October 8 in Roanoke

Amherst Apple Harvest Festival in Amherst, Virginia on October 15 and 16. 

St. Theresa’s Annual Christmas Bazaar in Farmville is scheduled for November 4 and 5

GFWC Bedford Woman’s Club, Bedford- November 19th 9am-4pm  

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