Did You See The Coupon???

Did You See The Coupon???

Hello shopper and friends!!!  June is here!  Summer vacations are calling!!!  What is your answer?

We are well into summer and there are some exciting sales planned for the next month and for upcoming craft shows.  I love a sale!!!!  How about you?  For right now, go to www.especiallyforewe2.com and use the coupon code below for a special discount of 15% for using the code on this blog.  Don’t miss out while the dresses and rompers that you want are available.


---Free shipping
---BUY NOW button to expedite checkout
---Orders received in 5-7 business days
---A free gift with each order
---Respond to this add and get 15% off your first order with code "JUSTFOREWE"
Especially For Ewe features girls hand English Smocked dresses from size 3 months to size 8 and boys rompers and shirts from size 3 months to size 18 months.

There are some kind and gracious people that have ordered from Especially For Ewe and agree to write a review for me.  Those reviews are included below, or you can check them out at:



What people are saying about Especially For Ewe products.

***** Especially For Ewe products are superbly crafted!  The hand-smocked

children’s clothing is heirloom quality at an affordable price.  Likewise,

Paula’s crochet work is amazing too!  Buy it - -you won’t regret it, I promise.  😊


 *****In the fall of 2020, I ordered 2 smocked dresses for my granddaughters.  I was thrilled. When I received the exquisitely smocked dresses, and the seamstress, Paula, worked with me on my requested lengths and fabrics.

I have only rarely seen smocking and embroidery of this high a caliber, and everything was appropriately sized and beautifully smocked.  The quality of the chosen fabric was also excellent as well as easily washable.

My granddaughters were totally delighted to wear these dresses and chose to wear them multiple times in the winter season.

I highly recommend Paula's workmanship and happily patronize her "Especially for Ewe" shop!

Deborah H

Let me introduce you to something new just added to the website today!!!

Size 12 months.  


Now that summer is in full swing, it is time to start thinking and planning for fall and winter.  There will be new products added regularly to the website as they are finished.  Don’t miss out on what is new.  Add your name to the mailing list on www.especiallyforewe2.com so I can send you updates as they happen.  There are new dresses planned for Christmas as well as new little boys rompers.  The new outfits will feature everyone’s favorite characters.  There are snowmen, trees, Santa and Rudolph and penguins to begin with.  The sheep will be added dressed for Christmas and then there are dogs that will be showing off their Christmas spirit.  Now is the time.  I want you to see what is new as it comes off the needles

Upcoming Craft Shows Where You Can Find Especially for Ewe

Bedford Fiber Festival – September 25,2021

St. Theresa’s Annual Christmas Bazaar – November 5-6, 2021

46th Annual Crafts and More – November 20,2021

Look for more dates and places coming soon!!!

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