A Big Weekend

A Big Weekend

This weekend is going to be a full one for many people.  Let’s start with the Olympics happening in China.  Whether or not you are watching the events or keeping track of the medals, the games are occupying a big part of news coverage
Then we have the Super Bowl this Sunday with all the advertising and promoting that goes with that event.  We will be watching the Super Bowl at our house and yes, I am making wings for the event, but my main interest is the commercials. 

Last but far from least is Valentines Day on Monday.  Some people give flowers, candy or even dinner reservations.  In honor of that celebration there will be a homemade cheesecake at our house.  With all these events, our February has been full.  So, I ask you, what event is your house centered on for this weekend?

There are dresses ready and waiting for your little valentine including a dress in size 6 months with hearts around the bishop neckline on a pink dot fabric.  This dress is on sale for $32.00.  Get it before it is gone.  When you are in the Cave Springs area, stop by the studio and see what is waiting to go home with you.  The Easter Parade store is ready for you for your shopping with dresses in pretty spring colors, rompers for the little boys with everything from dinosaurs to baby’s first car.  Look for the crochet rabbit and dog and little bears for your special Easter basket. 


Two of the Christening  dress and bonnet sets have just been finished and will have their pictures taken to go to the website by the end of this week.  Look for these cute dresses with the smocked bonnets online or come by the studio at 3618 Goodview Avenue, Cave Springs VA.  Studio and hours are 10am – 3pm on Tuesday through Saturday unless it is a craft show weekend.


Fabric is being cut and fashioned into something that I have not made recently, rabbits.  These muslin rabbits will be dressed as little girls and little boys and have embroidery on there clothing celebrating Especially For Ewe.  I was upstairs in the sewing room yesterday and Bogey had to follow me to make sure that I am okay up there by myself.  He happily snored on the floor in the sunshine while the sewing machine and then the glue gun were being used.  He does need some kind of a bed in the sewing room since he wants to be up there with me.

Care Instructions for Especially For Ewe Children’s Clothing

This cotton fabric dress can be washed in cold water on a gentle cycle.  Remove from washer and hang to dry or place on dryer on a low heat.  

Special orders for Easter will be open until March 30, 2022.  Get those bonnets, dresses and rompers ordered for your little ones on this special day. 

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